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Bacon Skateboards Comic Series, Tim Johnson Signed Skateboard Deck

This particular signed deck comes from “The Gone Fishing Tour 2010”, 23-28 of August 2010 in Sweden. Or to be more exact, from the skatepark “Area 51” in Gothenburg where the Team Bacon visited the “Action Park” and “Area 51” on the 26-27:th. (Area 51 is today known as “Bunkeberget Skatepark” one of Europe’s largest indoor skateparks. Check it out here and here


Team Bacon Skateboards Gone Fishing Tour Featured Benji Galloway, Tim Johnson, Kevin Kowalski, Frank FariaSteven Reeves and Cody Lockwood.
However it seems like all team members signed the deck beside Steven Reeves.


Link to the Gone Fishing Tour 2010 blog, for photos and more. 

In this photo you can actually see this specific deck lined up for signing. 


The Comic Series is a deck series for Bacon Skateboards made my Mark Conohan. It is based on Mark’s “Hopless old men on skateboards” skate comic.

It includes five different decks; “tim”, “mc”, “mason”, “benji” and “lincoln”.


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